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The COMFORT-LUME® I series with “PSOL” offers a new and attractive alternative to present day conventional lighting systems. A recess direct/indirect troffer emitting glare free light with a soft and harmonious blend. Making the environment comfortable and appealing. Harshness is eliminated and no obtrusive dark protrusions below the ceiling line, leaving a clean uncluttered ceiling. The unit features several LED engine configurations to suit a multitude of illumination needs. COMFORT-LUME® I LED is available in several other models to satisfy many applications and is the specifiers’ choice for use in Offices, Showrooms, Schools, Lobbies, Corridors, Libraries, Hospitals, and Conference Rooms.

                               5922L 5924L LED PSHS COMFORT LUME I Button    5922L 5924L LED PSHV COMFORT LUME I Button


5922L 5924L LED PSLB COMFORT LUME I Button    5922L 5924L LED PSLS COMFORT LUME I Button    5922L 5924L LED PSOL COMFORT LUME Button