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2x2/2x4, GRID, “RHE”

The DUOLUME® LED “RHE” is a versatile multifunction luminaire designed to provide soft subtle lighting in the space. The contoured side panels of the unit are high transmission acrylic that provide a low-brightness glow, with the majority of the light controlled through the center optical element. The unit features several LED engine configurations to suit a multitude of illumination needs. DUOLUME® LED is available in several other models, including a shallow plenum unit, to satisfy many applications.


DUOLUME SPECS J1222 J1224 ACHT        DUOLUME SPECS J1222 J1224 ACPB        DUOLUME SPECS J1222 J1224 ACPF        


                               DUOLUME SPECS J1222 J1224 RHE        DUOLUME SPECS J1222 J1224 XS