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Made In The USA SINCE 1946

2x2/2x4, GRID, 2½” DEEP


The DUOLUME® LED “XS” is a very shallow, yet versatile multifunction luminaire designed to provide soft subtle lighting while occupying little plenum space. The 2½” depth allows the use of this unit in applications where ceiling height is at a premium. A variety of shielding media is offered for the side and center panels with an option for perforated steel to add style. The unit features several LED engine configurations to suit a multitude of illumination needs. DUOLUME® LED is available in several other models to satisfy many applications.


DUOLUME SPECS J1222 J1224 ACHT        DUOLUME SPECS J1222 J1224 ACPB        DUOLUME SPECS J1222 J1224 ACPF        

                              DUOLUME SPECS J1222 J1224 RHE        DUOLUME SPECS J1222 J1224 XS